Meet the Team

The 73rd NSDC Volunteer Team Members

Many Hands Make Light Work
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Scott and Brenda Deal

General Chairmen

Art and Wanda Kruse

Assistant General Chairmen

Lynne Mardock

Convention Secretary

Dave and Betsy Schulz

Ceremonies Coordinator

Steve and Letricia Hatch

Computer Coordinator/Webmaster

Dan and B.K. Loynes

Business Chairmen

LPaul and Sally Schmidt

Education Chairmen

Ellery and Karen Gulbrand

Program Chairmen

Michael and Kimberlee Streby

Publicity Chairmen

Wayne and Lucy Mattson

Registration and Housing Chairmen

Bob Huckeby and Karen Richards

Service Chairmen

Penny Mueller

Social and Special Events Chairwoman

Steve and Sandy Townsend


Dan and Mary Albrecht

Program Book

Bob and Cinda Asp

Sew and Save

Tom and Kathy Nickel

RV and Camping

Mark and Bina Krebsbach

Education Comittee
Vice Chairmen – Seminars