Leadership Certification Program (LCP)

If you are planning on attending any of the Education Sessions at the 73rd National Square Dance Convention® we encourage you to participate in the Leadership Certification Program (LCP)!

Building a Wheel of Knowledge, One Slice at a Time

Become a better leader!
Enrich your knowledge about the operations of dance clubs and organizations
 Gather ideas and materials to support and promote dancing in your area
 Exchange ideas with others about issues and challenges

To complete the Leadership Certification Program:

Pick up an LCP worksheet from the Education Office in the Convention Center, Room 201A.

Decide which Education Sessions you would like to attend.

Obtain a signature from the Room Host to verify your attendance at each session you choose.

Return your worksheet to the Education Office in Room 201A following the last session you attend.

If your worksheet is completed you can pick up your Leadership Certification Program Certificate in the Education office in Room 201A, after 3 PM on Saturday, June 29.

You have four (4) years to complete the LCP requirements.

Incomplete worksheets should be turned in to the Education Office so they can be forwarded to the Education Committee for the next year’s convention.

Earn your LCP!

If you devote two or three hours a day for three days, you will gain knowledge and materials useful for promoting, improving, supporting, sustaining, expanding, and perhaps saving your Club!


Bid Session Friday 9:00 AM – Hilton Milwaukee Center, Crystal Ballroom

Keynote Address Friday 10:15 AM – Hilton Milwaukee Center, Crystal Ballroom

CORE SESSIONS: Choose Four (4) Core Sessions

ELECTIVE SESSIONS: Choose Two (2) Elective Sessions