Lanny and Sheryl Beam

We started square dancing in Omaha, NE taking lessons in 1979 and graduating in 1980. We’ve square danced continuously since then. While there we served on the board of our Mainstream club as well as on the board of a pre-teen club that our boys were members of. We were VP and Presidents of the regional square dance organization and co-chair of a state convention. While in Omaha we learned Plus and Phase II and III round dancing.
In 1985 we moved to Savage, MN, where we continued to square dance. We served as VP and President of our local MS/Plus club and then VP and President of the regional organization and eventually VP and President of the Square Dance Federation of Minnesota (state organization). During this time we learned Advanced square dancing and took continued lessons for Phase III round dancing.

In 1997 Lanny accepted a work assignment in Sioux Falls, SD and we moved in January of 1998. We were appointed and served as Assistant General Chairman of the 51st NSDC in Saint Paul, MN. We served as VP and President of our MS club in Sioux Falls as well as VP and President of the South Dakota Square Dance Association. We also served a second term as VP and President of the Square Dance Federation of MN. We took additional Phase III, IV & V round dance lessons. We attended our first NSDC in 1996 and have attended a total of 21 NSDCs.

Shortly after moving to Sioux Falls, we offered Advanced square dance lessons, using tapes to teach with. We continued to offer the A lessons and started an A tape group, Mn-Dak-Owa Squares, that is still dancing. In 2008 Lanny went to the GSI caller school held at the 57th NSDC in Wichita. In 2009 he joined CALLERLAB. Lanny has attended two additional caller schools. Lanny calls for Mn-Dak-Owa as well as other local clubs.

In 2015 we started going to South TX during the winter. In 2017 we learned C1 square dancing. We continue to dance all the levels we know and enjoy and support each of them.

We are both retired now. Sheryl worked from our home as a professional seamstress. In addition she worked in a retail fabric store, as church secretary, and as chamber of commerce secretary. She currently is enjoying quilt making. Lanny worked for Honeywell in the temperature control industry. Upon retiring from Honeywell he drove semi regionally for 12 years. Since then he’s driven truck for a farmer during harvest.