Cindy Schoen

Cindy Schoen who works as a nurse at Louisville’s Children’s Hospital, got news of square dance lessons in Indiana in 1985. She lived in Kentucky but traveled to Indiana to take lessons. She met her husband, Ron, at a half-way dance during lessons. Both Cindy and Ron were active with the singles in square dancing. Cindy became President of SSDUSA in 1995. In 1998 they were elected officers of the Kentuckiana Square Dance Association (KSDA).

In 2006, KSDA won the bid to host the National Square Dance Convention in Louisville, KY in 2010. Cindy and Ron were General Chairman for this convention. In 2010, they became members of the National Executive Committee (NEC). Cindy volunteered to help with Indiana in their convention to be held in 2022. She was their Convention Secretary. In 2021, Ron and Cindy became Member Emeritus of the NEC.

Square Dancing has been a big part of Cindy and Ron’s life. They have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and traveling all over the US to various festivals and conventions. We wish all the best for the 73rd NSDC!