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Tom and Kathy Nickel

Tom and Kathy are from Middleton WI. Kathy started square dancing, along with her parents, when she was eight years old and then got Tom involved after they were married. They took a few years off of dancing while they raised their family.

Tom started calling in 1991 and Kathy started cueing in 1996. They call and cue regularly throughout the area. They are the club caller/cuer/instructor for several of the local clubs. Tom and Kathy spend most of their free time teaching new dancers, doing exhibitions, and supporting the square and round dancing activity. They have both been inducted into the Wisconsin Caller/Cuer Hall Of Fame.

Square and round dancing has become a family activity with their four children and five grandchildren. When their youngest child was eight years old, they took the children to square dancing lessons and had them join a youth club. The kids loved dancing and asked why it took so long to get them involved. Today, their three adult daughters, along with some of their children, are active square and round dancers.

Tom and Kathy have both been active members and held several offices within the Wisconsin State Square and Round Dance Associations. They are currently the presidents of the Wisconsin Round Dance Leaders, vice presidents of the Wisconsin Square Dance Leaders and club caller/cuer for the Badger Rovers Camping group. They have held the treasurer position for the National Square Dance Campers Association for 10 years. They have served on many Wisconsin conventions. Kathy and Tom were the general chairman for the 2006 Wisconsin State Square and Round Dance Convention and are now the newly appointed general chairman for the 2023 Wisconsin State Square and Round Dance Convention.

Tom and Kathy are experienced campers and have a true love of camping. They started camping early on with their family and camped almost every weekend. Once their family was older, they joined their local Square Dance Camping Club, Badger Rovers, and became active members of the National Square Dance Campers. They have attended and served on several National Camporee committees.

Family and square dancing has been a major part of their lives while they still make time for their other interests of sewing and bowling.