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Candie Edmonds

I have lived my whole life in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My hobbies include paper crafting, sewing, reading, and cooking. I love spending time in the kitchen. It is where I choose to carve out a career.

After spending over 35 years in the food industry that included everything from McDonald’s fry gal to The Salvation Army kitchen manager, I finally got a desk job, which is also in food service. I currently work at St. Luke’s Hospital in the Dining Services Call Center. Talking with the patients and ensuring they receive the best possible nutrition while they are with us is of huge interest to me.

Although my schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of square dancing, I try to get out to a square whenever I can. You will most likely see me as a shadow to Sandy and Steve Townsend. They are my aunt and uncle but are more like my second set of parents. They introduced me to square dancing when I was a teenager. I would sit on the sidelines at dances and watch my cousins Stephen and Scott when they were young as Sandy and Steve danced. With dancing being a family activity, it was rather amazing I waited until I was 40 before going thru lessons, but I am glad that I did. I have made many friends around a square!