Steve and Letricia Hatch

Steve and Letricia Hatch are from Federal Way, Washington. Our family started square dancing in 2013 because Letricia’s mom bribed us into taking lessons by offering us an all-expenses-paid square dance cruise. Our family quickly grew to love dancing and found ourselves dancing at every opportunity! Our children became very involved in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance competition, and three of our boys went on to become callers.

Having experience in helping non-profit organizations with web technology and social media promotions, Steve and Letricia quickly found opportunities to help grow square dancing in Washington State. We first deployed simple and secure online registration for State Festivals, then evolved into the coordinated use of word-of-mouth, email, SMS texting, web, and social media to engage dancers. In 2019 Steve drafted the first Privacy Policy that was adopted by the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington. This policy explains how we secure personal information collected from dancers and defines exactly how the data will and will not be used.

It was our privilege to be involved with the 2020 National Square Dance Convention that was planned for Spokane, WA. Although that event was ultimately canceled due to Covid-19, it was our pleasure to have been a part of the team and to help build out their website and online registration system. When not dancing, Steve and Letricia enjoy traveling and photography. Letricia home educates our youngest children (as the others have all graduated) and Steve has worked in the Information Security field for 20+ years. He also serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations.