First National Square Dance Convention®?

Getting To Know More About The Convention

So it’s your first time attending a National Square Dance Convention® (NSDC)? You are in for an exciting time!

The NSDC provides a fantastic platform and brings together a potpourri of entertainment. There are education sessions, clinics on various activities (sewing, dancing, etc.), ceremonies, a fashion show, exhibitions, vendors, exciting tours of the host city and state, and of course, dancing of many types and levels. There are links to many of these activities on this website, so take a few minutes and explore!

The NSDC moves from city to city across the US. The last 3 Conventions have been held in Jackson, MS (1834 dancers attended), Evansville, IN (2034 dancers attended), and Mobile, AL (2261 dancers attended). A little-known fact about square dancing is that square dancing is taught and called in English all over the world, so an English-speaking person can travel to different countries and square dance even thou they may not be able to speak the language. We frequently have square dancers from different countries attending the NSDC so you may end up in a square with non-English speaking dancers.

At the NSDC there are several halls for the different types and levels of dances (Social Square Dance, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, Challenge, various levels of Round Dance, Contra, Line Dance, Youth and other specialty dancing), and clinics to introduce you to several different types of dancing. At the NSDC to be held in Milwaukee, WI in June of 2024, there will be 12 different dance halls and 6 different education rooms. You just have to pick where and what you want to do during the Convention using the posted schedules or the mobile app which you can purchase for a nominal price.

Prior to the NSDC there are “Trail Thru” dances being held across the US leading up to the NSDC. The NSDC starts Wednesday evening with Trail End dances, special entertainment, and opening ceremonies. The dancing for the Convention starts at 10 AM each morning of the Convention and ends at 10 PM with several After Parties each night for an additional hour of dancing.

A “Parade of States” is held on Saturday evening as part of the Closing Ceremonies. The Convention ends on Saturday at 11 PM once the after party is completed.

Dancers occasionally look for some activity where they can rest and watch others dance, so stop by and see the exhibition groups perform their specialized dancing!

NSDC events, dancing schedules and locations are all easily found in your daily schedule books (which must be purchased in advance), or on the Convention mobile app which will be made available as the time draws near.

The convention web site includes registration forms as well as information pertaining to all things 73 National Square Dance Convention. See you on the dance floor in Milwaukee!

A great convention, in a great city, on a great lake!
73rd NSDC