Steve and Sandy Townsend

We spent our first anniversary in square dancing lessons. From then until now it has been a fun ride. This summer we will attend our 12th National Square Dance Convention with our first being in Memphis, Tennessee in 1980. All of our family has square danced. Some people say our two boys were born on a square dance floor! Many people remember them at dances when they were young. Our biggest enjoyment was in 2016 at the national convention in Des Moines, Iowa when we had a four-generation square. My stepfather danced with our granddaughter along with us and her parents. Not many can make such a claim, but we are able to. It was the last dance my stepfather attended.

Over the years we have held several officer positions, from club treasurer to club president to state treasurer to state president to national convention treasurer. The journey has been enjoyable and memorable. The people we have met along the way are the best you can find. As they have always said square dancers are the best.