Category: Bid Session Questions and Answers

What Recreational Vehicle facilities are needed?

Facilities for recreational vehicles (RV) and tent campers will be needed. The number of RV spaces will depend on the geographical location of the hosting city. Approximately 100 – 200 spaces should be considered.

How many hotel rooms will be used by a convention?

The number of hotel rooms used by a Convention will be equal to approximately 25 percent of the total attendance. For example, a 3,000 Convention attendance will use about 750 rooms, for a total of 3,000 room nights. Additional organizations meeting before, during and after the Convention may increase the hotel room nights needed.

What is the minimum facility we should have for a convention?

At a minimum, the following facilities are required to host a convention: 175,000 square feet of floor space that may be obtained through use of convention center, arena, and hotel facilities. The total facility space must include at least 75,000 square feet of floor space capable of being divided into a minimum of 9 dance…
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What is a Pre-Convention?

The Pre-Convention is held approximately 15 months prior to a Convention at the Convention facilities. The meeting is conducted with the NEC observing and advising on the overall preparation and planning to be done by the Convention committees. This is a great opportunity for Future Conventions Members to hold discussions with Counterparts.

If we are the successful Bidder for a Convention, what support can we expect?

The NEC Advisors assigned to your Convention will provide invaluable information and recommendations during the planning of the Convention. The NEC will provide the Convention with electronic copies of the NSDC Guidelines containing extensive information for conducting the Convention.

We are interested, but our state organization hasn’t yet decided to support a bid. What can we do?

You are invited to attend the next Pre-Convention held in the Spring. During this meeting you will have the opportunity to attend various breakout sessions covering many aspects of the Convention and a facilities tour. This information may be especially instructive for potential bidding cities. Contact your NEC Area Advisors for more information.

We have decided to bid, what’s next?

First, seek the approval of your Sponsoring Organization, typically a local association or federation. Next, contact the NEC Area Advisors for your state, listed on this website. The NEC Area Advisors will visit the location to meet with the square dance leaders and inspect the proposed facilities. If these are determined to be sufficient, the…
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Who may bid for a Convention?

Any organized association or federation of square and round dance clubs may bid for the opportunity to host a Convention. Those organizations with experience in putting on conventions or festivals in their area would have a better chance for consideration. Convention Bids are not accepted from Convention Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, or other civic or…
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