Square Dancing’s Future:
A Proposal

Saturday, June 29 at 9:00 AM
Hilton Milwaukee Center
Crystal Ballroom

With a few exceptions, the building blocks of the Square Dance Activity have remained relatively unchanged for almost 40 years. In this session, Ted Lizotte will explain a proposal that is currently being discussed at CALLERLAB, and why we feel it’s necessary at this time. This proposal is what amounts to a first step to help elongate the existence of our activity for future generations.

Ted Lizotte and his wife Shelly make their home in Manchester, New Hampshire. Ted began calling in 1988 and has taught beginner classes every year since 1990, including teaching the Tech Squares of M.I.T’s “Crash Course” since 1997.

Ted is the owner/producer of Throw Back Tunes and he co-owns/produces TOTL Recordings with Tony Oxendine. Ted has also been a featured artist on recordings for Arrowhead, Chic, EGO, and Royal Records.

A member of CALLERLAB since 1991, Ted earned CALLERLAB’s Accredited Caller Coach designation in 2020, the 38th caller to do so. Ted has served on the CALLERLAB Board of Governors since 2018 and was elected to its Executive Committee in 2021. As of April 2023, he has had the honor of being CALLERLAB’s Chairman of the Board.