Bill Garrison and Paula Egenolf

Bill was born June 9, 1950, in Pasadena, TX. At the age of 10, he learned to square dance with the Grand Forks Air Force Base Hi-Flyers, in North Dakota. In 1964 his father retired from the Air Force, and they moved to San Bruno, CA., where the family danced with the Pairs and Spares. He met his wife, Shirley, at a dance in 1969 and married in 1970. Daughter Sharon, who also dances, was born in 1980. In 1994 Bill moved to Indianapolis, IN. with United Airlines, and started dancing with the Laughing Squares. In 2016 Shirley and her twin sister Pat passed away, and Bill began dancing with Paula Egenolf.

Paula balanced her adult life as a divorced mother with a son, worked as a Registered Nurse in Cardiac Care and Noninvasive Cardiac Testing, and enjoys zest for life with a passion for horseback riding, helping children as a 4-H leader, and square and round dancing. She was inspired in awe as she watched her parents square dance in the basement as a child. In 1991, she took mainstream lessons at Franklin Bachelors and Bachelorettes and Swingin’ Singles simultaneously, and plus with the Indianapolis Bachelor and Bachelorettes. She has held local club offices and helped with several different club lessons in the Indianapolis, IN, area. Currently, she belongs to Swingin’Singles, Laughing Squares, and Greenwood Merry Mixers.

In December of 2017, Paula retired. On December 26, they started traveling and dancing, first New Year’s Eve with the Whirl & Twirl square dance club in Florida, then the Silver State Convention in Nevada, and the Golden State Round-up in California. So far, they’ve danced in 29 states and hope to make the full 50.

Since 2018, they have been Hospitality Chairmen for the Indiana State Square and Round Dance Convention. History of attendance to National Conventions: Paula 8, Bill 6. Bill became a square dance caller in 2017, Secretary of the Indiana Dance Leaders Association in 2019, and President of Greenwood Merry Mixers Square Dance Club in 2021. Together they were the 71st NSDC Publicity Chairman.