Tracy Nickel

Tracy Nickel is a 3rd generation square dancer who first started square dancing when she was 12. She loved to dance, and line dancing was her favorite. She danced until college and then took time off to raise her two children. In 2016, not having a partner for square dancing, she took clogging lessons and danced on the local clogging exhibition team. In 2017 she finally returned to her favorite activity of square dancing. Tracy enjoys dancing Mainstream, Plus, DBD and High Energy. She also dances Phase 2 Rounds.

Tracy’s other favorite activity is web design. She has worked on a number of websites in the past but is currently the web designer for the square dance clubs Swingin’ Beavers, Westport Squares, and Badger Rovers. She also handles the Square Dance Association of WI (SDAW), SW-SDAW, and the Wisconsin State Convention websites.

As a square dancer she has served one year as Vice President for the Swingin’ Beavers club. She is currently the President of the CNWSDAW. This is her first year helping out with the WI State convention and is the publicity chairman for both the 2022 and the 2023 conventions.

Tracy works full time as a warehouse manager for a small online retail company in Merrill. She is a single mom of 2 adult children.