Dance Leaders Must Register – Twice

In order to be a dance leader candidate for the 73rd National Square Dance Convention®, it is required that you are registered for the 73rd NSDC AND have a dance leader profile on file on the Square and Round Dance Convention Registration website. Our dance programmers verify your registration with the 73rd NSDC and use your Dance Leader Profile to determine where to schedule you if you are selected as a leader.

Please click the button at the bottom of this page to create or update your Dance Leader Profile. If you do not have an account on the website, you must first create one. This is the screen that appears when you sign in. You will find the “Dance Leader Profile” button in the upper left hand corner as seen in this picture.

When a person wishes to create their profile, this is the screen that shows up when they do not have a current profile. You would click Change to get started entering a profile. This profile is a master profile which is later “pushed” to the various conventions when desired.

On this screen you would indicate what dance types you are willing to perform – squares, country/lines, rounds, contra, clogging.  Simply change the “No” to “Yes” for the appropriate selections.  Your changes are saved automatically so you can simply close when done.  Also, make any selections to your availability.  The system defaults to indicate that you are available for all mornings, afternoons and evenings of a typical national convention. 

Click the Close button when you have completed your selections.

Depending on your selection of dance type, you will see screens that correspond to the dance type.  For each dance type, you would click on the “Change” button to make any necessary edits to the information for that dance type.

If you have previously entered a profile for a given dance type, you will see the selections made and you can change as needed. 

If you have not previously entered a profile for a given dance type, you will get a message that your profile has not been set up.  You can create a profile by clicking on the “Change” button.

Once you have entered the selections for that section, hit the “Close” button.

When you click on Change for a particular dance type, the screen will display a drop down where you can respond to the questions asked and then click close when complete.

For round dance leaders, you will also need to select level of dance and the music you are willing to cue at future conventions.

Once the profile is complete, the Convention Dashboard will show which conventions the dance leader is registered for and allow them to send the profile by hitting the “Send Profile” button for the convention.  If there is no “Send Profile” button, then the convention has not yet enabled the ability for the leaders to send their profiles electronically.  This is controlled by the Program committee in the convention database.

Once the profile is submitted, the “Send Profile” button will change to “Update Profile” and changes can be made to the dance leader profile for the specific convention.

Once you have registered using the Long Form Registration AND filled out your Dance Leader Profile, our dance programmers will notify you prior to the convention what time slots and locations you have been programmed for.

These instructions are brought to you courtesy of Anita Johnson. Thank you Anita, for such detailed instructions!