Dan and B.K. Loynes

Dan and B.K. were both born in the Detroit area of Michigan. We have lived in Maine and Massachusetts and have now resided in Missouri for 30+ years. Both of us are retired and have been square dancing for 9+ years. B.K. was Office Manager/Bookkeeper of several companies in the St. Louis area. Dan was a Supplier Program Manager at Boeing in St. Louis. We are the current presidents of the West County Spinners of St. Louis. B.K. serves as President of the St. Louis Metro Square & Round Dance Association (METRO). She is also active in the Boone Country Garden Club where she serves as treasurer.

Dan and B.K. are active in our home club and work with the club caller to teach square dancing to new dancers. One of our favorite experiences is seeing new dancers getting the calls down and performing to the next level.

Dan and B.K. served on the Service Committee for the 67th National Square Dance Convention in Kansas City, MO. If you were there you may have seen us perform in the Razzle Dazzle Expedition Team. We also performed at the 66th National Convention in Cincinnati, OH. The Razzle Dazzle team is comprised of ten couples who met weekly to practice. Throughout their intricate choreography and attention to styling, the Razzle Dazzle demonstrated the art of square dancing and the love the team had for square dancing.

Dan and B.K. will be serving as Business Chairmen for the 73rd National Square Dance Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.